3rd Annual
Word To The Wives Experience

"Say I DO To YOU"
​Saturday, March 18, 2017

The theme for this year is “Say I Do to You”. We will focus on the importance of self care for busy wives and mothers and look at how we can prioritize our lives with intention. We want to make sure wives are putting energy into themselves and filling their cups first.
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It's time to say   "I DO" to YOU!
Hi! I'm Kristin M. Young, "The Marriage Enthusiast" and your host for the Word To The Wives Experience. On Saturday, March 18, 2017, wives are coming together to get stronger, to get wiser to get more relaxed and better equipped for the next leg of this marriage marathon. I am excited to bring some fun to your day and some good good girlfriends to your life! Why?


Your children... your husband... your career... your parents... your homegirls..GOD... Everybody wants you because you are the best! You handle life and get things done. You kiss the boo-boos, cook the food, submit the budget and get everyone where they need to be on time everytime.

But what about you? What have you done for you lately? Yup...it's been a while. Now it's time to put YOU on the calendar!!

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3rd Annual
Word To The Wives Experience

"Say I DO To YOU"
​Saturday, March 18, 2017
  • Tanya Barnett
    Conference Speaker
    The Real Wife Movement
  • Kristin M. Young
    Conference Speaker/Host
    Living The Vows
What Should I Expect?
You should expect an unforgettable experience! Check it out:

9a- Vendor table open. Get your shop and groove on!!
10a-Conference begins! Welcome! (Kristin M. Young)
10:15a-Wife Fun!
10:30a- The Transparent Wife- (Kristin M. Young)
11:15a- Break
11:25a-Balancing Mommyhood, Wifehood and Me (Kristin M. Young)
12:10p- Lunch and shopping
1p- Sexy Fitness Fun (Tiffany Burton-Gordon)
1:30p- What I Learned through Marriage (Karin Haysbert)
2:15p- Break
2:25p-Mind. Body. Marriage (Kristin M. Young)
2:40p The Real Wife Movement (Tanya Barnett)
3:25p- Wife Panel
3:45p- I Am (Kristin M. Young)


Amazing marriage strengthening workshops- This is the focus for our experience together. Living The Vows is what we do, but sometimes, we need some encouragement to keep going. We're going to take a look at what it means to be truly transparent in order to get "unstuck" in your marriage. Then we're going to zone in on that mommy/wife/me balance situation. I know you're Superwoman, but sometimes we gotta learn to apply that stress and strain elsewhere. We're also going to talk about the honest truth about being a wife: what sucks, what works, and how to keep the fireworks!    


Unique vendors for shopping AND pampering- ​"Me Time" is so crucial to a healthy life, but as wives, we don't take it as much as we need to. So we have some awesome vendors coming your way to give you just what you need. We have makeup, massages and other ways to get pampered throughout the day as well as some great products to purchase to take with you!


A LIVE DJ-If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE dancing! We always bring the DJ to our Living The Vows parties so be prepared to get your groove on!!


C​onference materials,  gift bags, a full lunch, and other treats just for you- Girl, we've got you covered!! You have no excuses! Mark your calendar, put your family on notice and start counting down with me to the Word To The Wives Experience!!! It's time to say I DO to YOU!!! 

Click here now to register, then grab your girlfriend and make sure she registers too!

3rd Annual
Word To The Wives Experience

"Say I DO To YOU"
​Saturday, March 18, 2017